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Damon System Braces
Salem, OR

When your teeth are crooked, your entire life is affected. Not only is your smile diminished, causing issues with confidence, but your oral health is put in danger. Your teeth wear unevenly, and you may start to experience pain in the jaw, due to a misaligned bite. Traditional braces have long been the treatment option of choice when it comes to fixing misaligned teeth. However, over the years, many alternatives have been developed. One such option that we offer at Amborn Orthodontics is the Damon System braces.

Like any other area of medicine, orthodontics has been making incredible advancements in the last few decades. Perhaps one of the best to have emerged is the Damon System. This system is an innovative take on traditional braces, keeping all of the elements that made those braces work so well while improving on the areas that weren't up to par. Damon Braces are a highly effective, aesthetically pleasing, streamlined take on the braces of the past. When our patients come to our practice in Salem, braces treatment is almost always completed using the Damon System.

We are pleased to offer Damon system Braces to our patients. Not every practice is able to use these braces with their patients and we feel that this helps establish our practice as the best in the Salem area. So, what makes this system so special?

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How Damon Braces Work

The Damon system braces are similar to traditional braces in that they rely on wires and brackets. They are self-litigating. However, instead of brackets that tighten, and archwires that rely on rubber o-rings to hold them in place, Damon braces use a slide mechanism. This mechanism attaches the archwire to the brackets, which move more naturally as your teeth realign. In doing so, this allows these braces to be more comfortable than traditional braces.

Damon braces have a different way of shifting your teeth into proper alignment than traditional braces do. Instead of the elastic o-rings, their self-litigating nature eliminates the need for tightening. The wires, which are called “memory wires,” connect to slide brackets. This results in less pressure placed on your teeth. They are designed to move your teeth gradually, tightening over time. With Damon braces, you can often avoid the extractions and palatal expanders that often accompany traditional braces.

Advantages of Damon Braces

Unlike traditional braces, the Damon System braces are self-ligating, meaning fewer elements are needed to form a complete appliance—specifically, elastic ties are eliminated. The result is a look that is much more streamlined than traditional braces. You can also opt for Damon Clear to get treatment that is nearly invisible. And fewer parts also means fewer problems. It is much less likely that something will go wrong than with traditional braces.

This system is also highly effective. When compared with older forms of treatment, teeth move faster. This results in shortened treatment time, which is something any patient can get excited about. Patients also tend to find the Damon System to be more comfortable than other forms of braces as it moves the teeth using very light forces.

The Damon System also comes with another benefit—fewer visits to our practice. As there are no elastic ties, there are fewer adjustments to make throughout treatment. While we are always happy to see you, we are sure you can think of better things to do with your time. And with the Damon System, you get to go do them.

In short, Damon braces have numerous advantages over traditional braces:
•  They are more aesthetically appealing. They are designed to be more discreet. While the brackets are often metal, much like traditional braces, they do not have the o-rings. Also, the brackets are available in a clear color, which further lessens their visibility.
•  Damon braces are designed to move your teeth into proper alignment faster than traditional braces. The slide mechanism, which holds the wire in place, allows your teeth to move more freely, and therefore more quickly. In some instances, patients have finished treatment several months before they would have with traditional braces.
•  With less pressure put on your teeth, there is less discomfort.
•  Less friction, which means less erosion of your teeth.
•  Damon braces are easier to keep clean, and your teeth are easier to clean as well, lessening the risk for cavities (as long as you continue to practice good oral hygiene.)
•  Because Damon braces do not require manual tightening, you have less in-office maintenance.

Damon vs. Traditional Braces

If your smile, and your oral health, are suffering due to poorly aligned teeth, braces may be the answer. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional braces, consider Damon braces. Call Amborn Orthodontics at (503) 967-9887 today to learn more!

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At Amborn Orthodontics, we are pleased to offer Damon System braces to our patients. Damon braces use a slide mechanism that is self-ligating. The result is a look that is much more streamlined than traditional braces.
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