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Are Aligners for Everyone?
Salem, OR

Smiling mouth with clear orthodontic aligners from Amborn Orthodontics in Salem, OR A smile is one of the most common forms of communication. Sometimes just a nod of the head and a small grin can mean a lot to the right person. Unfortunately, not everybody is proud of their smile and would rather not share it. Whether they have overlapping teeth or a mild overbite, it can make someone feel very insecure, and they may go through extreme measures to conceal it, such as covering their mouths when they smile or trying not to laugh at all. What many people may not be aware of is how much the field of orthodontics has advanced in recent years. With predictive 3D imaging, Amborn Orthodontics has the means of showing you the smile you have been missing out on and how to make it possible.

Understanding Orthodontics

Whenever someone decides to get braces or aligners, they are making a commitment to their teeth to provide optimal care during the treatment to ensure an end result of both a healthy and incredible smile. The science behind it is using gradual, consistent pressure to guide your teeth into a position that would benefit you the most. X-rays are likely to be taken to determine alignment and to see if there are any possible issues developing. Once a treatment plan is approved, depending on the amount and type of work that needs to be done, you may be given one of two options for adjusting your teeth.

Determining What You Need

Those who are primarily doing it for aesthetic reasons, such as eliminating unsightly gaps or fixing slightly crooked teeth, may find that an aligner is their best option. An orthodontic aligner is a fitted piece of plastic that gradually moves your teeth into place. Because it is 3D generated, an image can be produced of how the possible outcome will look, which can be very motivating for many patients. It also works faster than traditional braces and may provide some cosmetic effects when worn.

Aligners should be taken out before every meal and before drinking anything other than water. Keeping your teeth clean between removals is the best way to keep from compromising the mold. You will likely need to have a new aligner made every two weeks to ensure steady progress. The process from start to finish generally takes a full year. For optimal results, it is heavily recommended that you wear them for a minimum of twenty hours a day. Anything less could completely change the outcome.

With traditional methods, which is still a favorite even among those who are having minor adjustments, a metal bracket adheres to your tooth. Rubber bands and wire are connected to it and used to start the process of guiding your teeth into the new position. About every six weeks, you will have to get them tightened for optimal results. They can also come in white or clear ceramic, which makes them seem much less noticeable. Though they can take around two years to move, they can also treat a much wider range of issues, such as jaw misalignment or a narrow palate.

Depending on what your requirements are, it can be easy to decide what may work best for you when it comes to getting your new braces. There are plenty of options available, and something we have might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Are Aligners for Everyone? - Salem, OR • Amborn Orthodontics
For many, the thought of metal braces is worse than having crooked teeth. At Amborn Orthodontics, we can provide you with an alternative to traditional metal braces: clear aligners.
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