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Traditional Metal Braces
Salem, OR

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Today, there are several options available for straightening your teeth. The most common, especially for children and young teens, is the traditional bracket and wire system. We use braces to align, or realign, your teeth by pulling them slowly into their correct position preventing serious oral issues that can arise from having a poor bite. Traditional braces using brackets and wires allows us the greatest control in adjusting your bite. Bite issues can cause havoc in how you chew, your ability to open or close your mouth, and in your appearance. Our team at Amborn Orthodontics can evaluate your bite, make predictions on how your bite will adjust without orthodontic treatment, and show you the difference that proper orthodontic care can provide.

Braces placed by your orthodontist Dr. Amborn are used to correct malocclusions, sometimes referred to as a bad bite. A malocclusion simply refers to teeth that are out of alignment; this includes teeth that are crowded, gapped, or crooked. Other malocclusions may include oral issues such as the patient having straight teeth, but their upper and lower jaws do not meet properly.

Malocclusion left untreated can cause a cascade of tooth problems throughout your life, including:

•  Tooth Decay: Overcrowded teeth leaves hiding places for food debris, plaque and tartar to hide. This can lead to decay, cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

•  Chewing Problems: From unbalanced chewing (chewing more often on one side) to choosing to not eat certain foods, malocclusions can affect how people chew, leading to abnormal wear on their tooth enamel.

•  TMJ Dysfunction: Jaw issues are a common complaint among patients with malocclusions. Whether your jaw feels tired, or you are experiencing clicking, popping, or even the inability to properly open or close your jaw, this can be a painful problem. Adjusting or aligning your bite can help.

How do braces work?

Braces are designed to be effective through controlled pressure. Dr. Amborn begins with evaluating your bite, taking into consideration any teeth that have yet to erupt. Once an orthodontic plan has been customized to your needs, Dr. Amborn will place small brackets (the brackets are available in metal or tooth-colored) onto your teeth, cementing them on for a firm hold. Wires are connected to the brackets, and these wires are the tool that will allow us to gradually move your teeth.

Over a period of multiple months, Dr. Amborn will regularly have the patient come in for wire tightenings, pulling the teeth into the desired position. The tightenings can be temporarily uncomfortable for the patient, but the results are beneficial.
At Amborn Orthodontics, we also offer services for braces emergencies, so you can rest assured that we have your total care in mind.

When should I take my child to see an orthodontist?

Parents are often surprised to hear this, but we would like to see your child for an orthodontic checkup by age 7. This age may sound young, but there are steps that we can take when your child is young to help guide their permanent teeth into a better bite, potentially saving you and your child time and money.

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Traditional Braces - Salem, OR • Amborn Orthodontics
The most common option for straightening your teeth, especially for children and young teens, is the traditional metal bracket and wire system.
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