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Self Ligating Braces
Salem, OR

Young orthodontics patient smiling with clear Damon self-ligating braces from Amborn OrthodonticsAt Amborn Orthodontics, there are a wide variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to braces. From traditional & ceramic to clear aligners & palatal expanders, we have what you need for your dental care. But today, we want to call special attention to the relatively new orthodontic treatment of self ligating braces. This system is popular with our patients because it requires less dental visits while simultaneously providing gentler treatment.

What Are Self Ligating Braces

Self ligating braces, known as Damon Braces, are placed in your mouth in the same way as traditional braces. But that is where the similarities end. Instead of having brackets that adjust and tighten regularly, self ligating braces have a slide mechanism that permits your brackets to move naturally with your teeth as they shift. This process both uses less pressure than the traditional version and gives you results in a shorter time. You also will not have to visit us for adjustments nearly as often, saving you time and money too.

Benefits Of Self Ligating Over Traditional Braces

•  Many of our patients are able to finish their treatment 6 months earlier than those with traditional braces.
•  The option of clear brackets are nearly transparent and thus more aesthetically pleasing.
•  Most patients report less pain and discomfort with self ligating over traditional braces.
•  There are fewer places for friction to occur and plaque to gather on the braces.
•  Self ligating braces have a lower relapse rate and are better at correcting for severe crowding.

The Low Maintenance of Self Ligating Braces

We recommend self ligating braces particularly for patients with busy work schedules. Not only do you require significantly fewer office visits, but your personal maintenance at home is also easier. The lack of elastometric rings in your mouth makes for simpler cleaning. Because your need for a palatal expander is reduced, the braces are also less likely to interfere with your ability to speak.

Disadvantages of Self-Ligating Braces

Despite their appeal, there are some distinct disadvantages that come with the choice of self ligating braces. They usually cost more than the traditional option, though that ultimately depends on where you choose to purchase them. Right after self ligating braces have been placed in your mouth, they can be painful to wear for a few days until you have become used to them. Lastly, unless you choose to use clear brackets, there will still be a few wires visible to others.

Though there are some drawbacks, at Amborn Orthodontics we stand by the multifaceted appeal of self ligating braces. With smaller brackets and no need for ligatures, they make for a more discreet option. Where regular braces may require tooth extractions, the self ligating choice may be able to solve the problem without them. After the initial sore period, the self ligating braces become significantly easier to wear. If you are interested and believe that self ligating braces could be the right choice for you, call us today at (503) 967-9887.

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Self-ligating braces are becoming popular with our patients because it requires less dental visits while simultaneously providing gentler treatment. Click to learn more.
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