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How Do Braces Work?
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Having crooked or misaligned teeth can significantly impact your life. They can affect the way you eat and speak. They can even affect your smile and your confidence. When your teeth are misaligned, it can lead to other oral health problems, including uneven wear on teeth and severe jaw pain, known as temporomandibular disorder. Large spaces between your teeth are more difficult to keep clean and can increase your risk for cavities. Amborn Orthodontics can help fix your misaligned teeth with braces.

Components of Braces

There are several components involved with braces. You are most likely familiar with the first two pieces—the brackets and the archwire. The brackets are the pieces that are attached to your teeth with a bit of bonding material during your initial visit for braces. They are frequently made out of metal, but they can also be made out of ceramic as well.

The archwire is the wire that connects to the brackets and is held in place by elastic o-rings, or elastic ligatures. These rings are available in different colors, which allow you to customize your braces if so desire. The archwires come in varying sizes and materials. The wires are often changed, starting with the smallest and gradually working up to thicker sizes, to achieve the desired results.

Braces also consist of metal bands, which are placed on your very back teeth, anchoring the archwire. These bands can also be used to attach springs if necessary. Other components, depending upon your specific circumstances, may include rubber bands, hooks, loops, and headgear.

How Braces Fix Your Smile

When the bands, brackets, and archwires are set in place, you are well on your way to a beautiful, healthy new smile. The braces then go to work to gradually move your teeth into the proper position. This happens because of the archwire. The archwire places pressure on the brackets and guides your teeth to where they need to be. In some instances, rubber bands or springs may be employed if the more specific movement is needed, such a side to side.

As the archwire puts pressure on your teeth, it puts pressure on the tissues around the roots of your teeth, known as periodontal ligaments. The periodontal ligaments help to hold your teeth firmly in place, so they are loosened in their sockets. The archwire continues to guide them, repositioning your teeth to their necessary location. Once in place, the archwire holds them there. The tissues of your jawbone and periodontal ligaments regenerate around your teeth. It takes about three days for the bone remodeling process to start, and approximately three months for the new tissues to grow. It can take up to a year for your teeth to stabilize in their new position, which is why braces need to stay on for so long. However, once they come off, you will be left with a beautiful new smile.

If your teeth are affecting your smile and your oral health, braces may be able to fix your misalignment issues. Call Amborn Orthodontics at (503) 967-9887 today to schedule your appointment today!

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